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This week its Far Cry Primal; if you ever wanted to somewhat experience life in the stoneage, go no further than Ubisoft's Far Cry Primal. 

And we are back with our next installment of one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. Does Treyarch's third game of an incredibly popular series stand as tall as Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or will it fall along with Infinty Ward's Call Of Duty Ghost. 
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Dead Island 2 Hype
After Dead Island Riptide was not what was expected from developer Techland, we are looking forward to improvement made in Dead Island 2
Assassins Creed rant
It feels like yesterday Assassins Creed Syndicate came out and now soon enough we will be getting another Assassins Creed. Should it have been left for further devlopment or will it be another success into the Assassins Creed franchise.
10 Reasons Why We Need A Hunger Games Video Game
One of 2013's most hyped and succesful that scared the pants off all of us is coming back with a sequel. Red Barrel released their teaser trailer on steam and it seems to decribe aspects not related so much to the original game but find out what we think about what we have been given so far, right here.
With the fall of the final film going into theartres, it is a wonder why we havent recieved a hunger games video game, we go through reasons why it shiuld be done and why it would be a success..